Urban Color

If you’re looking you can find beautiful colors everywhere!

I enjoy outdoor activities (stopping short of roughin’ it on a camping trip) and so while I was loving my walk, along the Dequindre Cut,  I noticed immediately what looked like the preservation of the original graffiti.  The abandoned rail corridor was transformed into a greenway where you can ride, walk, skate or skip your way toward the River Walk if you’re heading south and toward Gratiot if you’re heading North.  “How cool!” was my first thought.  Now, I can’t condone defacing public property (disclaimer alert!) but I can say that it makes my walk much more enjoyable.  No, I have absolutely NO clue what any of these words mean or characters represent, but I do appreciate the colors used.   Kudos!

Dequindre Cut Graffiti

Dequindre Cut Graffiti

Dequindre Cut Graffiti

Dequindre Cut Graffiti

Dequindre Cut Graffiti

Dequindre Cut Graffiti

I love this building!  How neat is this?  I pass this every so often leaving a friend’s house heading toward the freeway.  I imagine someone standing on the roof pouring buckets of paint over the edge.  What a canvas!

Illuminated Mural


One thought on “Urban Color

  1. Camille Mitchell says:

    I didn’t have time to comment on this one before. I was working on several projects including ARTISTS for HANSEN CLARKE.

    I have to agree with Rayne’e assessment of URBAN COLOR. Don’t agree with defacing of property; however, these colors really are nice. They are not drab. They actually brighten up the old broken down buildings.

    I love the Illuminated Mural. When I live in San Franciso a boutique hotel owner painted the whole side of a building facing his hotel and everyone loved it including the person who owned the building facing the hotel.


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