Friday CRUSH

Happy Friday, Everyone! 

It’s a chilly one in Detroit today.  I guess the cold weather had to set in at some point.  At least the sun is shining and we get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday!! Woohoo!  (Sidenote: Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour before you go to bed Saturday night)  So anyway, before you take off for your exciting weekend activities I wanted to leave you with what I like to call my “Friday Crush”….

I’m digging the style of New York painter and designer Madeline Weinrib.   Have you been to her site?  She offers a wonderful selection of carpets, pillows, fabrics, evening bags, clothing, furniture and accessories.  Very cool stuff! 

These are my favs…

Perfect in a living room.  I’m thinking paired with pale yellow sofa and chairs.

Image from Madeline Weinrib










I’d love to mix and match some of Madeline’s pillows with pillows from Aphrochic…Ohh la la

Image from Madeline Weinrib










I could carry this clutch with 85% of my wardrobe! 


Image from Madeline Weinrib










Absolutely positively crushin’ on this….love it! 

Image from Madeline Weinrib














I could go on for days about how awesome this Hollywood Regency wing chair is.  It’s so my style.  Eclectic, traditional and modern all rolled into one fab place to sit. 


Image from Madeline Weinrib










 What fab interiors are you crushin’ on today??


One thought on “Friday CRUSH

  1. Camille Mitchell says:


    Madeline’s designs are definitely cutting edge and
    beautiful and I love her hot pink wing chair.

    The fabric interiors that I’m CRUSHING on are from fabric QUE’TARSHE’Fabric Artist/Textile Designer Sheila Palmer. Ms. Palmer specializes in felted fabrics used in home interiors and clothing.

    Her fabrics are yummy and color combinations are stunning. I have several pieces of felted clothing that are not only a delight to wear during the Fall/Winter seasons but uplift the one’s spirits with their cheery designs and colors.

    The QUE’TARSHE’ COLLECTIVE is a rich variety of felted home and clothing items now showcasing at the DETROIT INSTITUTE of ARTS. QUE’TARSHE’S on-line store is:


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