"Room for Color" Contest- No ROOM for me!

Ok, ok so I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that I wasn’t chosen as a contestant for the “Room for Color” contest on Apartment Therapy’s website.  Good thing I finally came around cause the voting ends today lol.  Total bummer (I was checking their site and my email like every 10 min).  Better luck next time!   But, hey I’ll have you know that I am NOT a sore loser so I casted my vote today! 

It’s down to 4 U.S. finalist…

I chose “Joshua’s Vintage Primary Room” in Brooklyn.

(to see more of the room click here)

Voting JUST ended literally as I’m typing this post…can’t wait to see who won! 

Image from Apartment Therapy- "Joshua's Vintage Primary Room" (Room for Color Contest)

















 My room…maybe my picture was too blurry?  Yeah, that was probably why they didn’t choose me…(hey, don’t knock my wishful thinking *wink*)  Santa (AKA Mom and Dad), new camera please!!

Image by Raynee Crowe


4 thoughts on “"Room for Color" Contest- No ROOM for me!

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