My Weekend…”Penelope 2.0″

I was inspired to paint yesterday…so I did!  I promised my friend’s husband (last May…yikes!) that I would paint him a version of “Penelope” as a major thank you for a huge favor he blessed me with.  I was so shocked and flattered that he liked her well enough to want his own!  I’m a little concerned that he may not like Penelope 2.0.  I probably should have asked him if he wanted “Penelope” as she is (with different colors) or just something similar.  Clearly, I didn’t ask, took some creative liberties and went with my instincts.  If he’s wildly opposed to her.  I’m going to embellish the earring  (Can you see it? Right now it’s a shiny black rhinestone. Wanted to add texture, but not scare him lol) and hang her in my bedroom!  Either way she’ll have a home. 

Think he’ll like it? 

I named it after his wife (who I’ve affectionately called my “best friend in Detroit” since 2002…” BFID” for short).  Maybe that will win him over!

“Jeneace” AKA “Penelope 2.0”– made by Raynée for Color Vision

“Penelope” –made by Raynée for Color Vision

** P.S.  I got a call Saturday night from a friend who needs help with a special project.  Stay tuned!  You won’t want to miss this.  I’ll give you a hint…I’m set designer and we’re using my house…*wink *wink


4 thoughts on “My Weekend…”Penelope 2.0″

  1. Jeneace Burrell says:

    Raynee, I love the blog and the picture. I’m sure T will love it! We’ve been reserving a spot on our bedroom wall for your art. Can’t wait to show “Jeneace” to her new home! AND THANK YOU FOR NAMING HER AFTER ME!!!

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