Venus takes on Design!

Am I the last to know that Venus is CEO of V*STARR, an interior design firm?!

I had no idea!  Seriously, am I the last to know?  Should I be embarrassed by my lack of knowledge in the world of famous tennis stars turned interior designers?

Image from
















A girlfriend of mine, Starla, was the one that shared the surprising news.  My interest was piqued.  I had to know more.

So here’s the scoop for you out of the loop-ers like me.

According to the website,Venus, started the design firm in 2002 in Jupiter, Florida (Wow, I am late).   There are 3 designers that call V*STARR home and they service commercial and residential clients in the Southern Florida area.  Venus and her team add to their credits the set for the Tavis Smiley Show and a model Olympic Village apartment in NYC for the 2012 Olympic bid.

Curious to see the portfolio? I was!


One thought on “Venus takes on Design!

  1. Trina says:

    Interesting read and (VStarr) website visit! Its soo uplifting to see inspired individuals pursue many (not just one) of their God-given talents! We are all ‘pre-assembled’ with a host of authentic passions! I take this as a fabulous reminder from Venus ; )

    And as for you, Ms. Color Vision, don’t sweat it… better late than NEVER! ; )

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