Gallery 116

My mom and I visited a really cute boutique while I was in Indy over the weekend.

So cute!  Not a regular store front.  This was a house with every room (even a bathroom!) decked out with clothes, jewelry, home accessories, art, candles and other knick knacks. I really enjoyed the eclectic decor too.  Let’s be clear…this isn’t somewhere you can just run in and run out.  We probably spent a good hour and a half in there. “Ohh, look at these!  ohh, look at those….did you see this…did you see that?” I even left inspired to paint!

I loved these!  No where to put them, but how fun!

Look at these charms.  I loved these.  I couldn’t resist.  I needed at least one!

This is the one I chose.  Love it!

*Photos taken with my Evo


4 thoughts on “Gallery 116

    • Color Vision says:

      Isn’t it??! Its so cute in there. They have enclosed patios in the front and back and an upstairs and basement (where the sale items are) -All full of merchandise. One of the owners said they had been there for 9 years! I hadn’t heard of them before Starla told me about them. It’s also in a part of town that’s kindof “far” from my house.

  1. Monique says:

    I literally would I have lost my mind in there. IT’s amazing what little trinkets and knick knacks can do for a room to bring some color and life to it.

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