Text Message Answered: Everyday Quasi-Contemporary Centerpieces?

I got a text message from a friend saying he found a dining room table that he really likes. So naturally, he’s interested in some good ideas for “everyday quasi- contemporary centerpieces” (his exact words).  What do those types of centerpieces look like exactly?  I went on a journey to find out and report back.

This is what I found…

I like this look.  A great option for someone not wanting to incorporate flowers. I also really like the idea of switching these out for bold and colorful peacock feathers.

Apples are shown here, but lemons and limes would work well too.  H2o is optional, of course.

I like this modern look.  I think this would work well in my friend’s home.  It’s not too feminine and the rocks give it a rustic vibe.  You can remove the flower and just use different colored stones.  The layering effect is what I like best.  Anyone can throw stones in a vase.  Show a little effort and be creative with the placement.










Look at what I found at Michael’s for a dollar each (HUGE fan of Michael’s by the way).  I thought these were kindof fun! I have this bowl sitting on my bar in the kitchen.  The black and white newspaper print adds a lil somethin’ unexpected.  With these it’s more about texture than color.


What’s sitting on your dining room table?

An “everyday quasi- contemporary centerpiece? ; )

*First 3 images from Real Simple.  Last one taken by me.


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