The Wait is OVER…Tradhome has ARRIVED!

Tradhome launches today!

While in LA this past January for the Design Bloggers Conference,  I had the pleasure of  meeting  Michelle Adams of digital magazine, Lonny (which is extra cool btw) and now Guest Editor in Chief for the digital magazine, Tradhome. What a great idea to combine the classic style of Traditional Home with young (Lonny is about a year and a half old), fresh and upbeat Lonny Magazine!


Image from Tradhome

You must check out the premiere issue.  It features their pick for the 20 designers to watch.  You won’t be disappointed. There are loads of pics to drool over.  Like this one!  How cool is this!? So fun and family friendly, but a place grown-ups can enjoy (sans rocking horse) once the kids are asleep.  Love the color combo, artwork and lighting.  Well done, Jeff Andrews.

Image from Tradhome

But before I even made it to these hot design newbies I was captured by the “Crazy for Color” section.  I love to see what colors move people.

Image from Tradhome

Image from Tradhome

Image from Tradhome

Image from Tradhome

So grab a cup of coffee and hunker down.  This baby is 344 pages long!

Enjoy.  I know I will be *raises coffee cup to take a sip, but decaf cause it’s late*



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