The Bed that Jason Built

“Saw a bed I liked and decided to make it!”

Right on, Jason!  That’s the spirit!  Check out these pictures of Jason tackling this platform bed like a champ.  I think he did a great job! 

Are you brave enough to try something like this at your house?  C’mon…I dare you! Do it and then send me pics so I can tell the world about your amazing carpentry skills.  Heck, I’m inspired myself…I’m 2 seconds from getting out my pink hammer and going to town…

 The Inspiration…


The Blueprint…

The Materials…

 “Glad I took workshop in high school”


 “And now for the stain”

 “Ahhh Perfect”

 Laying down the frame…


 “Just add mattress…Voila!”

*all pictures were hijacked from Jason’s Facebook page…with his permission of course*




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