Colorful in DC

Our nations COLORful capital…

I spent a few days in the DC area Memorial weekend.  I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my besties from high school, Bridgett!

Me and Bridgett- 2008

We were both starving when she picked me up from the airport so we stopped at the Daily Grill in Georgetown.  Ironically enough, the waiter is BFFs with the host at Mr. Chow that I met the week before in Miami!  Talk about a small world!  Food was delish and Bridgett and I talked for hours about a little of this…a little of that.  It was great catching up face-to-face for a change!  Good food and good conversation…just how a late Sunday afternoon should be…

Of course, we followed up brunch with fantastic accessory shopping.  I LOVED this store!  The entire time I was in there I was feeling like I should have been buying gifts for all of the special women in my life.  I’m positive my mom is going to give me the blues for not picking her out a lil something.  You’d think I know better by now…

I needed these 2!

I'm already sorry I didn't get one of these clutches...ugh

After a long and hot afternoon it was time for ice cream...


Post ice cream overindulgence (I’ll speak for myself, I had 3 scoops in a waffle cone) all we wanted to do was curl up on this display at Restoration Hardware.  Can you imagine this being your back patio?

Well folks, DC was a quick trip and concludes my Spring travels.

Hmmm…wondering what colors this Summer will bring?

*pictures taken by me*


5 thoughts on “Colorful in DC

  1. diane says:

    DC is one of my favoritest places of all time. I love the city and my Dad is buried in Arlington so always look forward to a trip back there.

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