I Need a Closet Intervention…

Ok, so my closet REALLY needs some work…

Let’s be honest…my closet, which is actually a room on my second floor, is a wreck.  There are 2 issues.  One, I can’t figure out a good hamper situation (or maybe the real question is why do I wait so long to wash clothes and then there are heaps of clothes everywhere?) and two, there’s no real sense of style in there.  It’s actually spacious and has some good attributes, but for some reason this space has always perplexed me.

Time to tackle this beast!  Afterall, it’s one of the first things I see in the A.M.  Having an extra fab closet just might make me want to get up earlier…HA!

While I’m getting my budget friendly master plan together I pulled these for a little inspiration…

Something told me to get the blue and green ones!

I would love something similar to this…

This coat rack could be fun!  It’s so Color Vision- esque!

Alright, my creative juices are flowing.


*Closets & Coat Rack from Apartment Therapy

*Laundry Hampers & Pendant Chandelier from IKEA

*Rugs from West Elm

Be COLORful!


One thought on “I Need a Closet Intervention…

  1. Monique says:

    I love the size of my closet in my house but I defintely want to turn it into a boudoir. I want a chandelier hanging, a vanity, etc. I want shelves for shoes built in. I want the works. I love the pictures you posted above. They are giving me some ideas too.

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