The 72-Hour Challenge!

Hope you had a great weekend! I took on the task of cleaning out my office.  I got rid of sooooo much paper.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and now I can actually see my desk!

Ok, enough about that…moving on to the first piece of my EXCITING NEWS that I mentioned on Friday, but first I have some questions…

Who has a space they have absolutely no idea what to do with? How’s that living room looking?  Bedroom need a little TLC? Bathroom kindof drab? What about your kitchen? Could it use a facelift? Whatever your design dilemma is let’s tackle it together!

Here’s how it works…subscribe to my blog (if you haven’t already), email me (click on  TV to your top right) clear pictures of the space and what your design style is i.e. modern, traditional, rustic etc and I’ll respond within 72 hours with a design solution!

C’mon this will be fun! If you want to see an example, check out the ideas I came up with for my friend Jimmy’s place.

You have nothing to lose.  Ready…Set…Send me those pics!

Side Note: How fun is this clock?

Be COLORful!


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