And the WINNER is…(Birthday Give Away)


Angeline, I appreciate the time it took you, your sister and mother to pick out and create something special to you.  I hope that you’ll treasure your custom art work just the same.

I REALLY wish I could have chosen all 3 of the ladies, but there can only be one winner…on second thought, since it’s still my birthday week (as far as I’m concerned), what the heck…I want to give Bridgett and Ashley a 16% off gift certificate to my Etsy store.  Enjoy ladies!!

Congrats, Angeline!

Thanks again for participating.  This was fun!



4 thoughts on “And the WINNER is…(Birthday Give Away)

  1. Jeneace says:

    Yay!! CONGRATS!! Angie needs more artwork for her place AND this is her birthday month! Well deserved Angie. THANK YOU Color Vision!

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