Holiday Recap Part 1: A Very Merry Christmas Dinner

Hello, My Loves!

It’s been so long!  Too long!  But I’m back and just in time for a holiday recap!

As you may recall from last year, I like to host a Christmas dinner for a group of girlfriends (wish I had a table for 50 so I could invite everyone!)  It’s always a lot of fun.   Here are some snapshots from the evening…hope you enjoy them!

And would you believe I forgot to take pics of the main course! We had homemade lasagna, mixed greens with homemade balsamic vinaigrette (thanks, Jina!), bread sticks,  white sangria and other wines, tons of sweets, eggnog…you get the point ; )

* majority of Christmas balls and other decorations from Target

*name card holders from Target

*table cloth, napkins and napkin rings from Target

*green and white reindeers from TJ Maxx as well as the super cute little gingerbread type house (love it!  didn’t know it lit up until I got it home…score!)

*branches courtesy of my parents yard =)

* candle holder and garland borrowed from mom

*artwork by me!

*pictures taken by me and Erica

I had a blast!  Thanks, Girls for coming!  Until next year!

In the meantime…Be COLORful!


3 thoughts on “Holiday Recap Part 1: A Very Merry Christmas Dinner

  1. Cakes says:

    Adorable…the decor and accents were a huge hit!! As always, you deliver on style and theme….and the menu was delicious also.

  2. Erica Howell says:

    Awwwwh! Love it! I agree with Cakes…the decorations were just so lovely and creative. You’re such a gracious hostess! We all had a wonderful time! Thanks again Raynee! Love ya! – E

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