Hello, Friday!

Don’t forget Sunday is Father’s Day!

I made this for my niece to give to my brother.  Good thing he doesn’t read my blog or this pic would ruin the surprise! 

I bought this wooden picture frame from Khols and the scrapbooking stickers & colorful stars from Micheals.  I wanted the background to resemble suiting or a man’s pin-stripped shirt. It was so fun to make.  I love gettin my craft on.  All I need now is to print off a pic of the two of them.  Can’t wait to see what he thinks! My dad you ask?  Some much needed polos per my mom’s recommendation. Not at all crafty, but they are colorful ; )

fathers day

Making something crafty for the dad in your life?

Have an awesome weekend!  See you next week!

* pic by me

Be COLORful!



One thought on “Hello, Friday!

  1. Andrew Crowe, Sr. says:

    This is great. I don’t need anything, but your unconditional LOVE.
    Love you more and more,

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