Raw Artist Showcase…the pics!

The event went well!

I’m very glad I participated in the showcase.  I met lots of people and it’s always good to get your work out there.  While I didn’t sell anything at the event I did get a ton of great feedback which still lets me know that there’s a market for my brand!

Before we get into the pics I have to say thanks again to all my friends that came out and supported me!!  Special-special shout out to my girl Starla and her husband Matt for driving 2 hours just to show some love…on a work night!  That’s love!  You guys rock!  And of course my amazing parents who helped load, set up, unload and calm me down (I had a couple spazz moments…thanks for holding me down, mom!)

So, what’s next for this Raw Artist you ask…I’m thinkin’ The Chi.  What do you think?


Corey Davis 1

Corey Davis 5

Corey Davis 4

Corey Davis 3

Corey Davis Starla and Matt




Raynee & Starla

Corey Davis 10

Corey Davis 6

Corey Davis 7

Corey Davis 8







Raynee & Abby

(Photo Credits: 1 taken by me/ 7-10 taken by Matt Officer/2-6,11-20 Corey Davis / 21 taken by my dad)

Be COLORful!


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