About Raynee

I have always had an affection for interior design, colorful decorative accessories and inviting spaces, but didn’t connect the dots until I was graduating from Business School and all I could think about was decorating my first apartment!  The concept of Color Vision came years later, but it was never far from thought.  The idea that I could help people create the perfect atmosphere in their homes and businesses made me very excited!  I dreamt about mixing and matching colors, patterns and styles. Not such a bad gig for someone who didn’t even consider herself creative as a child!


Color Vision: THE BLOG is dedicated to all things interiors, decorating, art and the exploration of color everywhere.  It’s a virtual warehouse of interior decorating ideas and creative inspirations conveyed with playful imagination and practical wit.  Naturally, I throw in some fun and colorful moments from my own life.

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I love to blog as it gives me a creative outlet to express my thoughts on design and personal style as well as give little tid bits of advice and connect with interior design enthusiasts and color lovers worldwide.

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Raynee + color  is a home accessories line incorporating vibrant acrylics to make one-of-a-kind wall art, note cards, pillows, aprons and decorative boxes.  I was originally inspired by a picture I tore out of a magazine in 2000.  It dawned on me to pick up a paint brush late 2009.

Color Vision: Consulting is where I get down and dirty. Ok, maybe not dirty, but certainly full of paint in my hair!  I have had the pleasure of creating some really cool spaces and working with some amazing clients.  Want to see my latest project?  Check out my portfolio page.

So I ask…”What’s YOUR Color Vision?”

I’m inspired by colors, magazines, music, fashion, friends, my mother, art, traveling, movies, other creative people…you name it!  Notable loves of my life are family, friends and Jesus!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hurry back ; )

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