Land of the Blue, Black and Gray?? 

Hi, Guys! 

This week I recieved an email from and I just thought this was kind of interesting so I wanted to share. Who would have thought that blue, black and gray are the most popular colors for home decor across the country?? Not me! 

See for yourself… 

So there you have it…in black and white…and gray! 

Interesting don’t ya think? 
Be COLORful!  (pun intended 😊)


Inspiration: High Fashion Home

A little Tuesday inspiration for ya…

I’m big on bold bright color, but there’s something about this color palette that I love! If this were my place, I’d switch out the artwork for custom Raynee + color with similar colors and a muted lip (nothing overly girly) and top it off with lillies on the coffee table.

But that’s just me! What would you change if anything?


*Photo from High Fashion Home on Instagram


Be COLORful!


“The Swap” a Dinner Party

Doesn’t this sound like fun?!…

A dinner party for 6-8 women (think fun girly night in) centering around a recipe swap!

The host makes her signature dish and writes out the recipe in adorable notebooks for each of her guests.  All of the guests would bring a recipe to share that they would add to the notebooks as well.  Upon leaving for the night, each guest takes their party favor notebook home as a little memento that doubles as a recipe book.  The group can set up dates to rotate homes and continue the concept until their books are full!

This is on my “to do” list for the Fall!

Dinner Party- The Swap

Fun right?

Would you and your girls be into this?

*pic taken by me

Be Colorful!


Meet your Newest Beach Accessory!

Hey, Friends!

Ok, raise your hand if you still plan on hitting the beach at least one more time before the end of Summer!  I’m sure there’s a ton of you lucky readers heading out to catch some waves, sand and fun with your friends and family. May I recommend you take a look at this.  How cool is this?  I wish I had one on my vacation!  I think everyone should have a beach tent.


The Summer Lovin’ Biarritz Beach Tent can be found on  There are 4 styles to choose from. Rumor has it that it’s on sale too!




Colorful Vacations: Martha’s Vineyard

Hello, Friends! 

I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying their Summer! I’ve been painting a lot in preperation for a Fall Trunk show ( stay tuned for new Raynee + color items!) and was fortunate enough to steal away with some girlfriends to Martha’s Vineyard! We had a blast as you might imagine; sun, beach, sail boats, seafood, shopping…what’s not to like, right? And I absolutely LOVE the whole ‘ its 80 degrees during the day and 65 at night’.  That’s so perfect to me! 

Ok, enough of me rambling on…on to the pics! 





Such a great weekend with 2 girlies I love to pieces! Already looking forward to our next trip! 

Hope you’re making the best out of your Summer whether you can get away or you make it a ‘staycation’.  Enjoy! 

*pictures taken by me 

* Large necklace by @sethdamm

*Smaller necklace by @wxyzjewelry

Be Colorful!

XO, Raynee 

10 Decor Pieces for Your Home

I ran across this article on twitter from POPSUGAR and the first thing I thought was “oh no!  I hope I have all these things!” given that I’m a smidge over 30 wink- wink.

Take a look. “30-somethings” how do you stack up? If you don’t have all these things… no worries.  It’s a fun list to read through nonetheless.

1.  A Nice Sofa


Sofas come in so many different price ranges.  You can find something stylish and comfy at Value City Furniture.  You don’t have to spend a ton if it’s not in your budget.  It’s more about style.  I would recommend choosing a sofa in a neutral color and then add cute pillows from Home Goods or Etsy.  Home Goods seems to always have a good selection and display their pillows according to color which makes picking out your favorite colors a cinch.  You may also find some unique ones on Etsy too.  Definitely worth a look.

2. Quality Linens

I can’t remember when I paid the full price for a higher quality thread count sheet set? Keep an eye out at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond & once again Home Goods.  I really like white sheets.  Just me?

3. A Timeless Rug


This girl loves a cow hide rug (faux too)!  I have 2 like the one shown in the article.  I was in IKEA over the weekend and they had cowhide rugs on sale for $169.  I was REALLY trying to figure out if I needed another one.

4. Quality Dinnerware

I finally got an all white setting for 8 from Target.  Classic, makes your food look amazing…Boom.

5. A Signature Scent

One of my dearest friends gave me a candle for my birthday last year that I L-O-V-E.  It’s called “flannel” and it’s described as a mix of bergamot, mahogany and a delicate veil of musk. I keep it right by the front door.

6. Something Antique



I have been on a huge antique furniture kick lately!  I’m on my 3rd chair.  They’re all stored at my parents’ house.  Pretty sure I can’t bring anything else there.

7. A Headboard

I actually need a headboard for my guest bed.  Guilty!

8. A Piece of Silver

I have a really cool silver vanity set that my uncle gave me.  I need to get it out and polish it.

9. Meaningful Art


Umm, hello!  Does “Raynee + color” count?!  If you’re looking for some meaningful art I can help you out with that (shameless plug =)

10. Fresh Flowers

My favorite place to get fresh flowers is Trader Joes.  They have the best lilies in my humble opinion and their prices are very reasonable.

Thoughts?!  What would you add?

Hope you’re having an awesome week so far!

*photos taken from POPSUGAR

Be Colorful!


Let’s (Tea) Party!

I think I’m in the mood for a tea party! Or maybe a coffee party?  Is that even a thing?  Anywho…

Thanks to my mom for picking this set out for me! She got it from a second hand store. I love it. So fun and “me”.


Tea- Coffee Set 1

Tea-Coffee Set 2

Are you into fun tableware?  Seen any cute sets lately?

*pics taken by me

Happy Hump Day, People.

Be Colorful!


Custom Girlies!

I had the pleasure of working on a custom order last week!

2 requests…use the color purple throughout all 6 designs (see their make-up!) as well as incorporate each girls’ sorority in some way.

Here’s how they turned out…likey?






These girlies should have arrived today!  Hope the girls love their gifts!

Don’t forget to check me out on Etsy!– Click HERE

*Pics taken by me via iPhone

Be Colorful!


Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, Thank you to all that have served and are currently serving in the armed forces! We appreciate you!

My girl Starla and her son Miles came for a visit! We celebrated Starla’s birthday and had a blast exploring downtown Cincy. Here are the pics to prove it. photo  photo-5   photo-3  photo-4  photo-1  photo-6 How cute is this candle Starla gave me as a hostess gift! Totally unnecessary since it was her bday weekend and I was supposed to be spoiling her, but much appreciated none the less 🙂 photo 2 photo 1  

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!

*pics taken by me

*candle from