Land of the Blue, Black and Gray?? 

Hi, Guys! 

This week I recieved an email from and I just thought this was kind of interesting so I wanted to share. Who would have thought that blue, black and gray are the most popular colors for home decor across the country?? Not me! 

See for yourself… 

So there you have it…in black and white…and gray! 

Interesting don’t ya think? 
Be COLORful!  (pun intended 😊)



10 Decor Pieces for Your Home

I ran across this article on twitter from POPSUGAR and the first thing I thought was “oh no!  I hope I have all these things!” given that I’m a smidge over 30 wink- wink.

Take a look. “30-somethings” how do you stack up? If you don’t have all these things… no worries.  It’s a fun list to read through nonetheless.

1.  A Nice Sofa


Sofas come in so many different price ranges.  You can find something stylish and comfy at Value City Furniture.  You don’t have to spend a ton if it’s not in your budget.  It’s more about style.  I would recommend choosing a sofa in a neutral color and then add cute pillows from Home Goods or Etsy.  Home Goods seems to always have a good selection and display their pillows according to color which makes picking out your favorite colors a cinch.  You may also find some unique ones on Etsy too.  Definitely worth a look.

2. Quality Linens

I can’t remember when I paid the full price for a higher quality thread count sheet set? Keep an eye out at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond & once again Home Goods.  I really like white sheets.  Just me?

3. A Timeless Rug


This girl loves a cow hide rug (faux too)!  I have 2 like the one shown in the article.  I was in IKEA over the weekend and they had cowhide rugs on sale for $169.  I was REALLY trying to figure out if I needed another one.

4. Quality Dinnerware

I finally got an all white setting for 8 from Target.  Classic, makes your food look amazing…Boom.

5. A Signature Scent

One of my dearest friends gave me a candle for my birthday last year that I L-O-V-E.  It’s called “flannel” and it’s described as a mix of bergamot, mahogany and a delicate veil of musk. I keep it right by the front door.

6. Something Antique



I have been on a huge antique furniture kick lately!  I’m on my 3rd chair.  They’re all stored at my parents’ house.  Pretty sure I can’t bring anything else there.

7. A Headboard

I actually need a headboard for my guest bed.  Guilty!

8. A Piece of Silver

I have a really cool silver vanity set that my uncle gave me.  I need to get it out and polish it.

9. Meaningful Art


Umm, hello!  Does “Raynee + color” count?!  If you’re looking for some meaningful art I can help you out with that (shameless plug =)

10. Fresh Flowers

My favorite place to get fresh flowers is Trader Joes.  They have the best lilies in my humble opinion and their prices are very reasonable.

Thoughts?!  What would you add?

Hope you’re having an awesome week so far!

*photos taken from POPSUGAR

Be Colorful!


Home Accessories: Door Knobs

I came across this on Imm Living today.

How great of an idea is this?!  Especially, if you have furry little (or large for that matter) family members and need a place to hang a leash, but also a great spot for umbrellas and bags. No pressure though.  They would be cool all by themselves.  You could think of them as art!

I’ll be stealing this idea juuuust as soon as I find a place for them.

I like the white on white.  Fun colors and metallics would also be super cute!

Like this idea?

Be COLORful!


Have you heard?

Neon is in!  For a color lover, I mean COME ON!  What could be more exciting?  Neon is so in.your.face.  It commands your attention.

From the runway to your home.  Neon is making a splash.

Are you feeling the trend?

Nanette Lepore- Spring 2012

I absolutely love that they chose a neon pink coffee table for this space.  This sitting area is already very eclectic.  For instance, notice the traditional floor lamp to the right paired with the more modern minimalistic yellow lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling on the left.  The neon pink adds a little something special.  Just when you thought this space was intended to just be eclectic it takes it up a notch. BAM!

Remember these neon hotties?

 I’m thinking it’s time to get my Spring neon look together.

Oh yeah!

Picture Sources in Order: racked, addicted2decorating, dotdot-dash, bellemaisonlauradayliving, heyfranhey

Be COLORful!

Clear Acrylic Ceiling Fan

A few weeks ago I attempted to change a light bulb  in my ceiling fan and wound up unscrewing the entire thing!  As in hanging on (literally) by a thread…in this case it was a wire.  What a mess.  In my defense, it was tricky to get the cover for the bulb off.  I know, but really.

Long story short it got me thinking about ceiling fan options.  The one I have has a black base and brown blades.  Yep, it doesn’t match a thing or blend in for that matter.   I’m not a huge fan of ceiling fans, but I’m one of those people that need them.  Especially, on my 2nd floor during the blazin’ Summer months.

So, as I was looking for a potential replacement I came across this!

Why had I never thought of a clear acrylic ceiling fan?  Duh!

It basically becomes invisible and doesn’t fight with your decor.

I’m liking this idea…a lot.

*ceiling fan found at amazon

Be COLORful!

Colorful Trend- Painted Stairs

Brave enough to paint your stairs?

This is actually 6 rugs that were sewn together. I love this, especially, with the white walls and light floor.  Fun!

See more at

I found these over at Apartment Therapy.   I can’t get enough of these!

“Taking the stairs has never been so fun…until now” ; )

Be COLORful!

In the meantime, I’m still “Gone Painting“. I CANNOT wait to reveal my latest girl! I’m 1/8 of the way done. *sigh* I need a snow day, several cups of joe and beats suitable for painting…or a good movie…(that I’ve seen before lol so I can stay focused).  I like painting to both…ok, enough rambling.  You guys will be the first to know when I finish! Until then, enjoy these posts 🙂