Land of the Blue, Black and Gray?? 

Hi, Guys! 

This week I recieved an email from and I just thought this was kind of interesting so I wanted to share. Who would have thought that blue, black and gray are the most popular colors for home decor across the country?? Not me! 

See for yourself… 

So there you have it…in black and white…and gray! 

Interesting don’t ya think? 
Be COLORful!  (pun intended 😊)



Cute Knobs: Anthropologie

 These knobs really gave my console table the lift it needed.  Such a simple (and inexpensive) way to update an older piece of furniture.  I got these from anthropologie.  They have such cute home accessories there!


Been out shoppin’ for your space lately?  What did you get?

*pic taken by me

Be COLORful!


My Birthday Gift to YOU–A Give Away

Hey, Guys!  

And now for the second piece of exciting news…I’ll be celebrating my birthday next month and instead of soliciting you all for a bunch of fancy gifts (joking) I want to GIVE YOU a gift! 

I want to celebrate my birthday with a GIVE AWAY! 

Afterall, it is better to give than to receive =)

Last week, I picked up this cool white owl from T.J. Maxx and as soon as I unwrapped it and set it on my bookshelf I knew it would be one of my favorites! I have a ton of color in my living room and this coupled with another white accent piece really help to balance things out.  Plus it’s super cute.  Wondering what this has to do with the give away?  Thought you’d never ask!  

Here are the details…

Email me (see t.v. on upper right hand side) a clear picture of YOUR favorite home accessory (vintage, new, small, large, ANYTHING) a little write-up about why you love it (a few sentences will suffice), subscribe to my blog and boda-bing you’re in the running! 

The prize is a custom painting by yours truly! 

*Last day to submit is September 16th (my birthday!)

Best Wishes!

Be COLORful!

Schools Out for Summer!

Yippee Skippee!

It’s the first day of Summer and what better way to start the day than by taking in a pop of color courtesy of spaces inspired by none other than the bright yellow star of Summer…the SUN!

I’m feeling the heat already…

The sunny view from my living room…

Well, Hello Summer!  I’m very happy to see you!

*Pictures 1, 2  from Lonny Magazine

*Pictures 3, 4 from RUE Magazine

*Picture 5 from

* Pictures 6, 7 taken by me