Raw Artist Showcase…the pics!

The event went well!

I’m very glad I participated in the showcase.  I met lots of people and it’s always good to get your work out there.  While I didn’t sell anything at the event I did get a ton of great feedback which still lets me know that there’s a market for my brand!

Before we get into the pics I have to say thanks again to all my friends that came out and supported me!!  Special-special shout out to my girl Starla and her husband Matt for driving 2 hours just to show some love…on a work night!  That’s love!  You guys rock!  And of course my amazing parents who helped load, set up, unload and calm me down (I had a couple spazz moments…thanks for holding me down, mom!)

So, what’s next for this Raw Artist you ask…I’m thinkin’ The Chi.  What do you think?


Corey Davis 1

Corey Davis 5

Corey Davis 4

Corey Davis 3

Corey Davis Starla and Matt




Raynee & Starla

Corey Davis 10

Corey Davis 6

Corey Davis 7

Corey Davis 8







Raynee & Abby

(Photo Credits: 1 taken by me/ 7-10 taken by Matt Officer/2-6,11-20 Corey Davis / 21 taken by my dad)

Be COLORful!


I’m a Raw Artist

Hey, Guys!

I know I’m a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Hope you all are settling into 2014 and making the most of this fresh start!

To my absolute surprise and delight the day after Christmas I was asked to join an artist showcase here in Cincinnati. I had never heard of RawArtists.org, but after an on-line search and chat with the coordinator for the Cincy event I was IN.  The really cool part is that these events feature a variety of artistic expression; visual & performance art, make up, hair, film, fashion, photography and music.  How awesome is that?! 

Super excited to be featured and just as excited to see all the other artists!  

Can’t wait to share the experience with you all!

Check out my profile–Raynee + Color


Just a week away…I expect the butterflies to kick in any second now! 


Cute Knobs: Anthropologie

 These knobs really gave my console table the lift it needed.  Such a simple (and inexpensive) way to update an older piece of furniture.  I got these from anthropologie.  They have such cute home accessories there!


Been out shoppin’ for your space lately?  What did you get?

*pic taken by me

Be COLORful!


While I Was Out: Artsy Saturday Night in Cincy

Out hanging with a friend and we stumbled upon a 24 hour art museum!

So cool!  No idea how I didn’t know about this sooner, but better late than never.

It’s a very cool concept; an art museum/hotel.  Name?  21c.  Check it out….





Have an awesome Monday!

*pic taken by me

Be COLORful!


Commissioned Piece: BFFs

I had the privilege to paint a commissioned piece for a friend this weekend!  She wanted a special painting to give to a life-long friend that represented them as youngsters with a dream.  One aspiring to make it big in the fashion industry and the other, a doctor.


Can’t wait to see what the doc thinks of her gift!

*pic taken by me

Be COLORful!



Hello, Loves!

I launched my new Etsy site on my birthday!  Seemed like a good day to start something new…new brand, new merchandise and new site! 

I’m pretty excited.  Have you stopped by for a visit yet?  What are you waiting for?!


Be COLORful and shop rayneepluscolor!


While I was Out: Easels…for your T.V.

I rarely walk through Restoration Hardware…mainly cause I don’t want to get my feelings hurt!  What’s not to love in that place?

Have you seen these?  I need one of these in my life!

Wood Easel

photo (3)

*pics taken by me

Be COLORful!